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Lacrosse Tattoo Collection

Welcome to our lacrosse tattoo designs collection! Here at Hobo Lax, we’re constantly looking for ways to create unique and jaw-dropping lacrosse apparel designs that will absolutely get everyone hyped up even after a few years. How else might we do this? By fusing lacrosse with tattoo art, our innovative lacrosse apparel and accessories will surely not disappoint.

This type of clothing is becoming more and more popular as people are eager to show their love for the sport. There are many different lax designs that you can choose from our Hobo Lax collection, so check out our designs now to find which one is perfect for you!

Lacrosse Tattoo Inspired Designs

What better way to express your love for the sport than by wearing one (or even a few) of our lacrosse tattoo clothing collections? We focus on various ways of transforming our fashion designs by constantly thinking outside the box, that’s why our lacrosse tattoo collections are created to highlight the splendor of tattoo artwork. 

Whether you’re inked or not, there’s no denying that tattoo styles are popular for their cool and distinctive strokes and designs. In fact, we have tattoo-inspired goods available in various items like lacrosse apparel and lacrosse hoodie.

To help you get started, you may want to check some of our favorite tattoo collections that are sure to be head-turners:

  • Bucket N Bones: You’ll absolutely love our sick Bucket N Bones hoodie! This lacrosse tattoo design is made to recognize our box lacrosse community and commend the intensity they bring in every game.
  • Light it Up: Looking for ways to show how the sport is on fire? Check the Light it Up T-shirt to see a pack of Hobo Lax cigarettes with a lit lacrosse stick. 
  • Grim Reaper: A Grim Reaper hoodie holding a scythe while wearing a lacrosse helmet. Gotta protect himself on the job, right?
  • Rip & Sip: Grab a few drinks with your best buds and rock the pub with this lacrosse shirt. Another style available in this tee shirt series is the Rip & Sip Margarita.
  • Rise & Grind: Lacrosse is all about hard work. Show your teammates and coach how far you’re willing to go to bring your team to victory.

Aside from shirts and hoodies, we also have tattoo-inspired lacrosse stickers that allow you to customize your belongings such as your tumbler or phone. 

Why Choose Hobo Lax Items?

If you are looking for a stylish shirt to show off how much you love the sport, then you may want to try out our lacrosse tattoo design clothing. Instead of sticking to the usual name printing on a lacrosse jersey, why not take it another notch and choose something that only a select few will have?

We are very dedicated to providing reasonably priced products without compromising quality to make sure that you can enjoy every penny. Our impressive and cool lax shirt designs will definitely add color and swag to your wardrobe that you can rely on for countless occasions.

Be sure to check our designs regularly by signing up for our newsletter below to keep posted with our latest drops! We also offer custom lacrosse team gear to help your team stand out and a limited lax clothing edition for adults and kids lacrosse shirts

Our limited lacrosse tees are only available in 99 prints so pick one out now before you miss out on this awesomeness! Plus, you can even get free shipping on orders above $100. So what are you waiting for? Explore our designs and add your favorites to your cart!

Fall in Love with Lacrosse

There is nothing more exciting than scoring a goal and hearing the crowd go wild. Whether you’re a player yourself or just an avid fan of lacrosse, the sense of belonging in the lax community is more than enough to make you fall in love with the sport.

No matter what your age or gender is, lacrosse will never fail to keep you at the edge of your seats as lax players run around the field to look for different angles and ways to score a goal. With Hobo Lax, you can absolutely express your enthusiasm for lacrosse by getting our own-made designs that are created with love and great attention to detail by our creative team.

Be a proud member of the lacrosse community by sporting our comfortable tattoo-style apparel in the company of your favorite team!

Go-to Streetwear

Whether you’re on or off the field, Hobo Lax lacrosse t-shirts are your number one go-to streetwear. We make sure that customers are satisfied with our brand by combining comfortable, casual pieces with a cool, edgy vibe in our lacrosse tattoo designs collection.

We also provide various lacrosse-related apparel and accessories with unique designs and high-quality materials to make you stand out from the crowd. So, if you're looking for something different while staying true to your lax passion, Hobo Lax is the way to go!

And the best part? Our prices will definitely not break the bank. Plus, we offer discounts from time to time so make sure to check our site or your email for any promos. 

Premium Quality Lacrosse Clothing

If you’re looking for top-quality lacrosse clothing, we are here to help you with just that. On top of our premium designs, the materials used in every Hobo Lax product are built to last.

We are very committed to giving our customers the best possible product that will instantly be a favorite among lacrosse players, coaches, and fans. Our lacrosse tattoo t-shirts are made from 100% cotton light fabric while the lacrosse hoodies are made with medium-heavy fabric of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. 

Our premium quality materials will last through all your practices or any casual days. Plus, they’re all preshrunk so you can rest assured that you won’t damage them when machine-washed. 

Comfortable Fit

Hobo Lax lacrosse t-shirts are made with a comfortable fit and breathable fabric, so you can stay cool during intense lacrosse practice. Our unique style will definitely make you stand out on and off the field.

Available from Small to 3XL, we provide a sizing chart you can use as a guide to get your size right when you order. Take advantage of the comfort you’ll get from our lacrosse tattoo-styled tees as they have no side seams for a cleaner and softer look. 

You also don’t have to worry about fitting in and damaging the shirt since the shoulders have twill tape for lasting durability while the ribbed knitting feature of the collar prevents the shirt from any curling damage.

Best Unisex Lax Shirt for Everyone

Lacrosse is a sport that is traditionally seen as being very masculine. However, Hobo Lax shirts are perfect for men and women, both young and older, who love lacrosse. Our stylish and comfortable apparel comes in a variety of colors you can choose from to fit your preference and personality. 

Once you try out one of our lacrosse clothes, this will surely and quickly become your go-to choice to wear whenever you want to share your appreciation for the game. Whether you are just starting out, have been playing for years, or are just simply a fan of the sport, our lax shirt will be a great addition to your lacrosse wardrobe!

Wear Your Lax Tattoo Clothing with Pride

Be bold and proud to wear your special lacrosse t-shirts designed with your comfort and interest in mind! Make a great fashion statement as you choose from a variety of designs and colors that will suit your personal style. 

Feel free to message us either thru email or our social media if you have additional questions or queries about our products. We are more than happy to assist you with whatever lacrosse needs you have!