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lacrosse hoodie

Have a peek at our original lacrosse hoodies, printed with artwork about the game you love!


Lacrosse Hoodie

Welcome to our lacrosse hoodie collection. Here you will find premium hooded sweatshirts that are designed for function as well as comfort, so you can wear them on and off the field.

All of our products are inspired by genuine laxers. Our stylish, soft and comfortable lax clothing is perfect for keeping you warm on the sidelines while also turning heads on the streets. Many of our pieces are limited edition, so make sure you order them while stocks last!

While you're looking at our awesome wares, ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter below.  We are constantly releasing new pieces, so stay tuned! Who knows, you may even get a discount code or two right to your inbox. Not only that, subscribers always get early access to our latest concept drops. They are so popular some don't even make it on our website! These products are hidden to everyone else just browsing, so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out!

Shop Men's Lacrosse Hoodies

Are you an aspiring lax dad that needs a new look for the sideline? Perhaps you're an old lacrosse stud who's not ready to be put to pasture. Or, maybe you're a drippy D1 college athlete that understands his off field game needs to be as strong as his on field tilt. Well, you're in luck because Hobolax has you covered.

lacrosse hoodies

Suit up in one of our unique hoodie designs, and start ripping G's off the field too. You'll look tougher than a pair of woodpecker lips, and yet somehow as irresistible as a box of puppies. Real men wear Hobo. These are the facts, please don't ignore them.

Disclaimer: Hobolax is not responsible for any extra sexual tension you may encounter while wearing our custom drip.

Shop Youth Lacrosse Hoodies

Are you still looking for a Beacon Hills sweatshirt? Have you forgotten that Teen Wolf was actually a thing when your dad was your age? I mean sure, back then it was basketball, and had about as much drip as a piece of sandpaper. But, you still somehow need that Isaac Lahey lax look, and you need it bad, right? Wrong!... and no, we aren't talking Stiles Stilinski either. Show's come and go, and if you're lucky you'll get two wears out of that overpriced sweatshirt before the tide turns and no one cares anymore. Unless, of course, you go Hobo.

Hobolax is all about the perma-drippy wear my young lax crazed brethren. You can never be behind the curve or look out of place anywhere wearing a Hobolax sweater. Rocking up to Practice? Crispy cuffs and a hooded sweatshirt. Meeting the queen of England? A top cheddar hoodie is all you ever need. Don't follow trends - make them. Your great uncle roger's funeral is just begging to have you show up in a sick tie-dye lax skin, and you know it.

youth lacrosse hoodie

Shop Women's Fleece Lacrosse Hoodie

At Hobolax we don't have a extended women's range, but what we do have is quite literally - everything. If you're a female laxer yourself, or even if you've got a little one on your hands, we've got a pullover hoodie that is cut right, has a cozy inside for when you're cold, and will have your team needing the inside scoop on where you shop. Our women's hoody collections are basically pieces of art made reality. Why not wear something that makes you look good on the outside, while making feel like you're wrapped in the warm embrace of an emotional support animal on the inside. Cold hands? Just throw them in the convenient front pouch pocket.

Need that grungy "I have a boyfriend" look? Well... just buy one of our dank men's lacrosse hoodies instead, because obviously you've got issues. But that's okay! Just make sure it's the size of the guy you're "dating" and not somehow magically fitting like a glove.

Premium Quality Fleece Sweatshirt

Show your love for the game and feel comfy – what’s not to love? We're confident that once you try our lax clothing that you'll be right back filling your basket again and again. Our hooded garments are all sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring that you get only premium lacrosse apparel. Right now our collection is small, but with your help we want to grow into a well established and much loved lax brand.

All our pullovers are made from a thick 50/50 blend of cotton/polyester. This feature ensures durability, comfort, a fit that doesn't change and even some added stretch for mobility. Your chosen item will be pre-shrunk to ensure no surprises when washing. Just be advised that turning them inside out when putting them on a wash cycle will prolong the print as much as possible.

lacrosse hoodie

Shipping of your sweatshirt will be flat packed, vacuum sealed and ready to wear right out of the package. All products are always available and in stock because we print to order. So if you see a product that says "you missed out", don't think to revisit - that masterpiece is gone forever, so you had better pick something else fast. If you want to be kept updated on new releases so you never miss out again, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of any page.

Unique and Limited Edition Lacrosse Apparel

Some of our apparel is limited edition, meaning we only print 99 of each design for sale. Using this process means you’ll rarely see anyone wearing the same sick apparel as you. You're literally in an exclusive club that once sold, cannot be bought into.

To avoid disappointment, add your favorite piece to your cart and place an order as soon as possible, or you could miss out on your next favorite product. Get them before it's too late!

If you have any queries or ideas for a cool new artwork, feel free to reach out to us through email or social media. Our team is always here to help!

Still not convinced you need a lacrosse pullover hoodie?

We get it. You started looking online and thought that maybe you'd get a sweet New balance or Nike lacrosse hoodie like your buddy wears. Or maybe you wanted your favorite college clothing from John Hopkins, or Notre Dame? Now, there's this sweet Hobolax site that's blowing your mind and you're understandably torn. Trust us, no one cares about seeing a new swoosh on your chest. At least, not more than they do a unique badass lax design that blows your cleats off.

Don't believe us? Check out our awesome reviews from your fellow laxers. Just search the store, pick anything with a hood, hit the order button and show up to practice one day. You will immediately take your place among the lax god's and bask in the drippy glory. Besides, when you or your kid finally get recruited, you're going to get all the college lax gear you could ever want anyway.

Shop smart - shop lacrosse.